CBS News: “Chef Jae Jung recently participated in a month-long dining experiment that converted a New York City school cafeteria into a fine dining room. It's called Story Course and its creators felt that chef Jae's life had all the ingredients for a new type of dining experience. Jamie Wax reports.”

photo by Andrew Keenan-Bolger

"The next must-have underground NYC experience is here....Foodie culture meets theatre meets intimate communal evening in Story Course....Whether it’s the stellar flavors, the simple interactive script, the emotional story, or the intimate setting that has everyone oohing around the table, it’s likely the combination of all elements— like any balanced dish—that elevate the plate to its full potential."

- Ruthie Fierberg, PLAYBILL                         Read the full review here!


"How do you capture your life story in a six-course meal?  Chef Jae Jung of Le Bernardin approached this challenge with enthusiasm and heart at Story Course NYC, where her limited-run dinner, "How Do You Hug a Tiger?" tells the story of her childhood in South Korea and making it as a chef in New York City. Woven into the cocktail hour and dinner is an interactive storytelling experience; guests eat inspired Korean dishes in between anecdotes—and a moving musical number—based on Jung's journey."                    

- Maria Yagoda, FOOD & WINE                     Read the full review here!

photo by Matthew Brown

photo by Matthew Brown

photo by Derek Min

"There has been a void in the dinner theater world...and Story Course is filling it.  (Celebrities like Bryan Cranston are fans, and many of this month's dinners have already sold out.) Chef Jung's story is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time, and the food and stories are equally intricate. After half a dozen courses and emotional stories, we bet you'll leave the night with a full stomach and a full heart."

                                                                       - Alyse Whitney, BON APPETIT                   Read the full review here!

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