Story Course NYC

Immersive and interactive dining in one of the world's most innovative food cities

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Join Chef Jae Jung (Le Bernardin, Dinner Lab) on a journey from her childhood in South Korea to her culinary successes in New York City.

Through a cocktail hour and six course meal, guests will enjoy an interactive storytelling experience. Each course unveils a chapter of Jae's life story. Voyage through the struggles of a post-war upbringing to the bright lights of the city, while eating your way through a dinner of traditional Korean recipes to modern American delicacies.

The dinner table has always been a place to communicate and share stories with one another. Let's celebrate that.

Eat your story.



Avenues World School, 259 10th Ave, New York, NY 10001

7:30pm Welcome Drinks

8:00pm Dinner (no late seatings)

$175 per person, includes six course tasting menu and drinks,  gratuity and tax included

*Due to the timeline of this event, we cannot accommodate gluten-free dietary restrictions.  Vegetarians, come join!


Menu by Chef Jae Jung

Music by Shaina Taub

Text & lyrics by Hansol Jung

Drink program by Dave Arnold & Don Lee

Soju provided by Tokki Soju Brooklyn







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